ACM Regional Programming Competition Wrap-up

Jonathan and Greg tackling the practice problems Samford’s inaugural programming team – The Red C – 2008

Mobile, AL – The Samford University programming team placed first in the “1st timers” sub-competition at the 2008 Southeastern regional programming competition. They solved two problems quickly and had a number of solutions in the works when time was called. To put it in perspective, out of all seventy+ teams working on the 10 competition problems, the most problems solved by any team was 5.

Today is the day of “The Red C”

Update! 6:30pm 1st place! We won the “1st timers” categories because Southern Miss went on to place in the top 3 overall, which made them ineligible for our category. Way to go team!

Update! 4:30pm The live scoreboard has been frozen to increase the drama surrounding the last hour of the competition. Can UAB stay on top (at our tournament)? Can anyone unseat the current overall leader UCF? Can Samford come from behind and win the “1st timers” competition. We will know the answer to all these questions in 1 hour!

Update! 3:59pm The Southern Miss “Golden Eagles” just pulled ahead in the “1st timers” category by solving a third problem. There’s still time left for us to come back.

Update! 3:25pm Our team has solved a second problem which puts them in the lead in the “1st timers” category. Come on “Red C”!

My programming team, “The Red C” (think Moses), is competing right now as the first team ever from Samford in the ACM Southeast Regional programming competition. Check out the live scoreboard. There are six first time teams here, and the Samford team was the first of those six teams to solve a problem! Way to go Greg, Jonathan, and Bradley!!!

The competition is being held at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Here is a topocreator map of the school with the building where the competition is being held. I am upstairs sequestered in the coaches room with a nice wireless connection. The students are right below working diligently.

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2008 ACM Mid-Southeast Fall Conference

I just submitted an abstract titled “Investigating the impact of Ajax on server load in a web 2.0 application” to the upcoming 2008 ACM Mid-southeast Fall Conference. This annual conference is held each year in Gatlinburg, TN and is a great place for students and faculty to present current research and make connections for future collaborative work. I am looking forward to the beautiful fall colors and reconnecting with colleagues from the area.