Going live with Mesa Online

This morning we went live with Mesa Online, a website for students taking Spanish courses in the World Languages department. The idea behind the Mesa program is that students sign-up for a time to have lunch or dinner with a small group of students and one faculty member. During the lunch or dinner, all conversation must be in Spanish. The previous sign-up system involved a large list of timeslots posted on the wall. My Fall 2008 software engineering class took upon themselves the task of converting the paper-based system to an online system. I helped the students bring the project to a conclusion just in time for it to go live today for the Spring 2009 semester. As of 3:00PM, exactly 100 students have created their Mesa accounts. There is still work left to be done on the administrative part of the website, but I will post updates as the semester progresses and as we see whether the system effectively meets the needs of the World Languages Department here at Samford.

Welcome to Spring 2009


Welcome to another exciting semester at Samford University! Here is a quick summary list of the exciting classes and work just around the corner!

  • COSC325 – emphasizing web languages to demonstrate concepts of programming languages
  • COSC495 – senior seminar – details of student projects to be posted soon!
  • SUVS – Samford University Virtual Supercomputer