Back up and running


One of the many great things about Samford University is that faculty and lab computers are on a lease system through Dell. That means that every three years, I get to log onto the Dell website and configure my new machine with the hardware that I want as long as I stay within the allowed budget. This is also true for our department server. The only downside of this setup is that every three years we have to go through a migration process transferring data and software from one machine to another. Unfortunately, this meant some downtime for my faculty blog, but we’re back up and running now!

Windows Server 2008 Virtualization

This latest migration process gave me the chance to experiment with the virtual machine capabilities of Windows Server 2008. I’ll be posting another blog shortly with all the details, but for now I’ll summarize by saying that the Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V is pretty cool. Screenshots coming soon. Performance observations coming over the next few months as I start to put some load on the system through this blog and through other research projects.

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